Closing screening for Serie Noire at Uitkjik.

After six months of amazing cinema, Serie Noire closes with a dark psychological drama by Jean Gremillion.

The film will be screened from a restored 35mm copy, with English subtitles.

More French classic cinema will be coming your way from September, with a brand new series that I’ll be presenting in collaboration with Uitkijk and Maison Descartes.

More info very soon. Stay tuned..

Tuesday 26 June, 19.00h


Jean Grémillon – 1938 – 103 min

With Raimu, Pierre Blanchar and Madeleine Renaud

On the surface Monsieur Victor leads a quiet life as a happily married man and a respectable storekeeper.

But Victor has a secret life too, he is the leader of a gang of thieves.

The birth of his first son makes him reconsider the risks of this double-life and he finally decides to quit the gang.

While the majority of his men respect his choice, one of the gang members doesn’t agree with his change of heart and threatens to reveal his secret.

Victor is now forced to deal with a situation he hasn’t predicted, with dramatic consequences for everyone he cares for.

Crafted as a psychological study of a man struggling with his conscience, this complex suspence thriller is centred on the burden of guilt and on the consequences of violence on a man’s life.

Masterfully directed by Jean Gremillion, L’ENTRANGE MONSIEUR VICTOR starred Raimu, one of the most renowned (and beloved) French actors of the 30s and 40s.

“A bleak study of malevolence”. Time Out International


Over Serie Noire:

I started this film series entirely dedicated to Policier films in January 2012.           

This unique retrospective presents a program composed of legendary cult classics, screened in The Netherlands for the first time in years.                         

Each film is screened on 35mm, with English subtitles. Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at Uitkijk cinema.    

Created with the support of Maison Descartes, Institute Francais des Pays-Bas and cinema Uitkijk.

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