11 December, 19.00

Casque D’Or

Jacques Becker | 1952 | 96 min

With Simone Signoret, Serge Reggiani and Claude Dauphin.


Paris, 1900. Georges meets Marie at a dance hall and is immediately enchanted by her stunning beauty.
Marie is a prostitute and her boyfriend is the member of a violent gang of thugs. Angered by their flirtation, he challenges Georges to a knife duel. Georges accepts the challenge and ends up killing the gangster. He is now forced to leave Paris to avoid the police and the dead man’s friends. Marie decides to follow him, unaware that the gang is planning a vicious payback.

Casque D’or is Jacques Becker’s masterpiece and the film that more than any others established him as one of the masters of Frenche cinema.
Considered one of the highpoints of French cinema in the 50’s, this melancholic period melodrama starred the great Simone Signoret in the role that brought her international recognition and fame.
Inspired by true events and boasting gorgeously recreated Belle Époque settings, the ill-fated love story of Georges and Marie blends romanticism and suspense to create one of the most memorable stories of passion and revenge.

“An insular underworld drama of love and revenge vibrates authentically against a vividly etched background of early century Paris.” – NY Times

“One of the great movie romances.” – Time Out

Serie les Maîtres du Cinema

A celebration of French cinema through the masterpieces of its most renowned directors.
Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at Uitkijk Cinema.
All films are screened in 35mm, with English subtitles.

Presented in collaboration with Maison Descartes Institut Francais.

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