On April 10 I am launching OFF THE RECORD, a new film series at Rialto in Amsterdam.
Every month we will screen a recent music documentary followed by an intimate afterparty with music inspired to the film.
We start with the global Hip-Hop documentary THE FURIOUS FORCE OF RHYMES and tunes by the always amazing EAGLEMEN.
It’s going to be a great night!


Wednesday 10 April, 21.30


Joshua Atesh Litle
USA & France | 2010 | 84 min

This inspiring award-winning documentary revolves around the counter-cultural power of Hip-Hop.

Starting by examining the origins of Hip-Hop in the the Bronx in the late 1970s in company of rap pioneers Busy Bee Starski and Grandmaster Caz, THE FURIOUS FORCE OF RHYMES follows Hip-Hop’s diffusion throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America and Africa.

With a cast composed of French Arabs, East German skinheads, West African feminists, Palestinian and Israeli B-boys, this is not your typical Hip-Hop documentary aimed at celebrating the commercial rise of this musical movement or any of its stars.

THE FURIOUS FORCE OF RHYMES focuses instead on the ability of Hip-Hop to connect underprivileged youths worldwide, whatever their nationality, language, ethnicity or religion, as a universal tool of expression and cultural resistance.

Through the political raps of the crews portrayed in the film we get an understanding of their struggles and of the liberating power of beats and rhymes.

“A fascinating examination of the sound of rage, highly recognisable from one country to the next, and at the same time impregnated with local languages and cultures…” – Le Monde

“A hip-hop international manifesto that is simply a tour de force of rhyming, rhythm and documentary film making” – San Francisco Chronicle

“A testament to how Beat Street broke down the Berlin Wall, and how Wild Style calmed the Gaza Strip…Beyond the powerful commentary, Furious showcases a fiery mix of truly badass rappers [and] masterfully weaves these rap scenes together, showing throughout the doc that hip-hop everywhere thrives on a common counter-cultural angst.” – Boston Phoenix




A new monthly program presenting a line-up of critically acclaimed recent music documentaries and a hand-picked selection of widely influential classics.
Each special screening is followed by an after-party where DJs play music inspired by the films.

OFF THE RECORD: the soundtracks of our lives on the big screen.

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