OFF THE RECORD # 2: this time we go disco!

Masterminds 1

Tuesday 7 May – 21.30h at Rialto cinema Amsterdam


Jamie Kastner | Canada | 2012 | 90 min

Disco. Love it or hate it, its hedonistic impact on the last 40 years of dance culture is simply undeniable.
But what if the real revolutionary impact of disco music was beyond the dance-floor and on civil society instead?
Should we consider disco as a revolutionary vehicle of change, a subversive social phenomenon?
Was there more to disco than mirror-balls and John Travolta in a white polyester outfit?
Is there a completely different story to be told?

Sexy, cheeky and intellectually absorbing, Jamie Kastner’s meticulously researched documentary casts a new light on the musical genre, contending that the disco era represented a moment of mass liberation for women, racial minorities and gay men.
From its untold origin (in Nazi Germany..) and fan-based early success to its pinnacle at the wild nights of New York’s Studio 54, THE SECRET DISCO REVOLUTION narrates the unstoppable rise of disco through vintage footage and interviews with anthropological and cultural experts along with some of the genre’s biggest stars: Gloria Gaynor, Village People, Kool and the Gang, KC and the Sunshine Band and more.
…and then was disco!

Jamie Kastner’s documentary challenges the perception of disco as the height of kitsch, celebrating it as the soundtrack for social change. – BFI London

THE SECRET DISCO REVOLUTION is the doc that disco deserves – rigorous, critical and entertaining. – Indiewire

So it turns out that disco was actually a revolutionary tool that ended the oppression of women and black and gay people in the US. Who knew?FOUR STARS – Guardian UK

Right after the screening DJ Job de Wit will spin disco classics and obscure disco gems in the bar area.


A new monthly program presenting a line-up of critically acclaimed recent music documentaries and a hand-picked selection of widely influential classics.
Each special screening is followed by an after-party where DJs play music inspired by the films.

OFF THE RECORD: the soundtracks of our lives on the big screen.

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