A new season of classic French films is starting in September in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Delft.
We open with Rene Laloux’s legendary animation film LA PLANETE SAUVAGES, followed by Jean Renoir’s bittersweet WWII drama LE CAPORAL EPLINGE’ and Agnes Varda’s Nouvelle Vague classic CLEO DE 5 A 7.
And many more to come in the following months!



17 September, Uitkjk Amsterdam
23 September, Filmschuur Haarlem
30 september, Filmhuis Lumen Deflt

Rene Laloux | 1973 | 100 min

In the distant alien world of Ygam, humans are enslaved by a race of blue skinned giants, the Draags.
Ter, one of many humans kept as pet by the aliens, escapes his master and disappears into the planet’s wilderness where he encounters a tribe of humans living freely in the wild.
With the use of a headset used by the aliens to enhance their intelligence, Ter decides to lead a revolt and free the captive humans.

Directed by René Laloux and co-written and designed by the Czech artist Roland Topor, Le Planete Sauvages is one of the most admired and influential animation films ever produced.
While the planet of Ygam and its grotesque creatures remain one of the most phantasmagorical fantastic worlds ever created, the film tells a universal metaphor of class struggle originally inspired by the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia.
For its surreal visual style and masterful storytelling, Le Planete Sauvages received a Special Jury Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.

Thirty-five years later, Rene Laloux’s animated film remains surreal and wonderful. – Empire Magazine


8 October, Uitkjk Amsterdam
14 October, Filmschuur Haarlem

Jean Renoir | 1962 | 105 min
With Jean-Pierre Cassel, Claude Brasseur, O.E. Hasse.

A French corporal (Jean-Pierre Cassel) and two accomplishes join forces to escape from a German concentration camp in Northern France but they are quicky recaptured and brought back.
Unshaken in his resolves to escape, the corporal begins plotting a series of clever attempts to leave the camp and regain his freedom.
Captured once more he is sent to a disciplinary camp but his resolve to escape remains as strong as ever.

One of the last films directed by the great Jean Renoir, Le Caporal Eplingé sees the director returning to the theme of camaraderie at the centre of his most celebrated film La Grande Illusion with another moving and humorous study of human character under harsh circumstances.
With brilliant performances by an ensemble of great French actors, the film highlights Renoir’s humanism and his ability to craft sympathetic and realistic characters caught in a struggle for freedom and affirmation of identity.

An ironic comedy of fake French heroics and real French heroism, the film is delicate and witty and features a delightful performance from Jean-Pierre Cassel. – The Chicago Reader


22 October, Uitkjk Amsterdam
28 October, Filmschuur Haarlem
30 October, Filmhuis Lumen

Agnes Varda | 1962 | 90 min
With Corinne Marchand, Antoine Bourseiller, Dominique Davray.

The young singer Cléo (Corinne Marchard) tries to kill time while she anxiously awaits the results of a medical exam.
Her fear of having cancer is increased by the predictions of a fortune-teller, who confirms her distress.
While her anxiety grows, Cleo wanders aimlessly through the streets of Paris, meeting different characters and wondering about her life, while she spends the two hours that separates her from facing the reality of her situation.

Agnes Varda’s second film is one of the defining films of the French Nouvelle Vague.
Like many of her Nouvelle Vague contemporaries, Varda combines a direct style of film-making with an intensely humanist perspective, whilst including hints of the wider political concerns of the period (through Cleo’s meeting with a French soldier heading to the Algerian front).
Told in real-time, Varda’s film masterfully creates a heart-felt story of humanity and vulnerability through the sensitive character of Cleo, played by a mesmerising Corinne Marchand.
Cleo de 5 a 7 was nominated for a Palme D’Or at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival and was awarded as Best Film by the French Film Critics Association.

One of the Nouvelle Vague’s boldest achievements. – Empire Magazine

Serie les Maîtres du Cinema

A celebration of French cinema through the masterpieces of its most renowned directors.
Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at Uitkijk Cinema.
All films are screened in 35mm, with English subtitles.

Presented in collaboration with Maison Descartes Institut Francais.

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