The season closes with three French modern classics by Claire Denis, Philippe Garrel and Andre Techiné.


8 April – Uitkijk Amsterdam
14 april – Filmschuur Haarlem
21 april – Filmhuis Lumen Delft

Claire Denis | 1990 | 93 min
With Isaach De Bankolé, Alex Descas, Solveig Dommartin

Two illegal immigrants from Benin work for a shady restaurateur and organiser of illegal gambling matches, training cocks to fight in the underground circuit.
The two share the restaurant basement with their birds. Here they create a strong bond with their favourite rooster, named “S’en fout la mort”.

Directed by Claire Denis (Chocolat, Beau Travail, White Material), S’EN FOUT LA MORT this thought-provoking drama is a chilling account of the world of cockfighting in the Paris suburbs.
As most of Denis’ films, the story is used as a powerful metaphor, in this case as a metaphor of the cruel exploitation experienced by both animals and men. A moral critique of modern society as a whole, seen as a world where socio-economical progress has not been accompanied by an increase in humanity and compassion.
S’EN FOUT LA MORT was awarded at the 1990 Venice Film Festival and Alex Descas was nominated for Most Promising Actor at César Awards.

“The work of a daring, accomplished, unpredictable artist.” – NY Times


22 April – Uitkijk Amsterdam
28 April – Filmschuur Haarlem
5 May – Filmhuis Lumen Delft

Philippe Garrel | 1991| 108 min
With Benoît Régent, Johanna ter Steege, Yann Collette

The life of Gerard is turned upside down by the news of the death of the woman with whom he had an intense and rebellious love story in his youth.
Now married with children, he starts reconsidering his life choices and his current relationship.
Torn between the nostalgia for the freedom and political engagement of his youth years and the responsibility of having a family, the woman who loves him and the memory of the woman he so intensely loved, Gerard finds an escape in his heroine habit.

Arguably Philippe Garrel’s masterpiece, J’ENTENDS PLUS LA GUITARE is a poetic autobiographical account of the director’s decade-long sentimental and professional relationship with the singer and actress Nico.
An equally delicate and intense meditation on love, the passing of time and the burden of memory, in Garrel’s own words: “J’ENTENDS PLUS LA GUITARE tells the story of the sentimental education of a particular generation”.
The guitar that is no longer heard of the title stands here for the painful disillusion of the dreams and inspirations of the generation of May 68, seen through the personal longing of the film’s main character.
J’ENTENDS PLUS LA GUITARE was awarded with a Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival 1991.

“Philippe Garrel’s masterpiece, J’ENTENDS PLUS LA GUITARE is a surpassingly delicate meditation on love, loss and the passage of time.” – Film Comment


13 May – Uitkijk Amsterdam
19 May – Filmschuur Haarlem
26 mei – Filmhuis Lumen Delft

Andre Techiné | 1993 | 125 min
With Catherine Deneuve, Daniel Auteuil, Marthe Villalonga

Middle aged siblings Emile and Antoine haven’t spoken to each other for three years, since the funeral of their father. With their mother getting too old to live by herself and finally moving in with Emile, the family is brought once more together for Christmas.
Antoine’s visit is meant as a moment of reconciliation but old arguments and unresolved issues quickly upset the reunion. The course of the day will push Berthe to new decisions and her children towards a new consideration of their own relationship.

Directed by Andre Techiné (Rendez-vous, Les Roseaux Sauvages), this compelling drama explores the complex emotional dynamics at the core of the difficult relationship of two siblings, played with extraordinary intensity and subtlety by Daniel Auteuil and Catherine Deneuve.
With profound maturity and understanding of human relationships, Techiné creates a touching portrait of emotional turmoil, focusing on what is told as much as on what is kept unsaid.
MA SAISON PREFEREE was nominated for 7 Césars and was awarded as Best Foreign Film by the American Critics Association.

“A mature and pensive film. […] This is a film for people in the mood to pay attention; wander, and you may miss the subtleties with which Techiné so thoughtfully captures the deep and complicated bonds of family.” – Entertainment Weekly

Serie les Maîtres du Cinema

A celebration of French cinema through the masterpieces of its most renowned directors.
Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at Uitkijk Cinema.
All films are screened in 35mm, with English subtitles.

Presented with the support of Maison Descartes Institut Français des Pays-bas.

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