Two new live cinema shows will be presented at the end of October and for Museumnacht on the 1st of November.


On the 30th of October, the third instalment of the New Music for Found Footage series will take place at Trouw Amsterdam.
This program present a selection of classic works from the LIMA (formerly Montevideo/NIMK) archive.
All videos in this program were produced between 1979 and 1988 by five Dutch and international video artists, including works by pioneers of European video art such as Klaus vom Bruch and the duo Sluik / Kurpershoek. The selection focuses on the aesthetics of video art produced in the 80s, when the practise of remixing or manipulating film and video footage became popular among artists to create new narrative pieces.
The program will be screened with a new score composed and performed live by Dutch electronic maverick Legowelt


|Cine|Sonic| has been invited to curate a new show based on EYE’s film archive for Museum N8 2014.
The resulting live cinema show will take place at EYE on the 1st of November.
Awanto3 (Steven de Peven) will team up with Jos de Haas (percussion, New Cool Collective, Zuco 103) and Stefan Schmid (keyboard, New Cool Collective, Zuco 103) to compose and perform a series of new soundtracks for a selection of films from EYE’s archives. Following EYE’s Museumnacht theme “Light”, all selected films are linked by their experimentation with the use of light, shadows and colour.

More info:

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