A fascinating look inside the troubled mind of a master of deception.” – Entertainment Weekly

Art and craft 2

Wednesday 21 January, 19.30h at Rialto Amsterdam

Sam Cullman & Jennifer Grausman
USA | 2014 | 89 min

ART AND CRAFT tells the enigmatic story of Mark Landis, perhaps the most prolific art forger in US history. 
For over 30 years, this mysterious man has duped curators throughout the country with precise imitations of a vast range of works, from fifteenth century masterpieces to Picasso.
While the copies he creates could fetch impressive sums on the open market, Landis isn’t in it for money. He donates his counterfeits for free, going so far as to pose in such guises as a grieving executor of a family member’s will, a Jesuit priest or a philanthropic donor.
Landis’ decades-long fraud gets eventually discovered by a tenacious museum registrar who sets out to expose the man behind the counterfeits. What begins as a cat-and-mouse game between the two will quickly turn into a much more complicated affair, turning the registrar’s investigation into a personal obsession and finally revealing the complex reasons behind Landis’ true motives.

Directed by award winning filmmakers Sam Cullman and Jennifer Grausman (If A Tree Falls, The House I Live In), ART AND CRAFT addresses topics of authenticity, authorship and the purpose of art through the stranger-than-fiction tale of Mark Landis.

“An engrossing document of immense talents gone sideways.” – Indiewire

“A crowd-pleasing character study that doubles as an art-world detective story.” Wall Street Journal

“Perhaps the year’s most delightfully charming documentary.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

ART AND CRAFT is also going to be screened in January in Breda (Chassé), Arnhem (Filmfocus), Den Haag (Filmhuis) and Leeuwarden (Slieker Film).

Cracking the Frame

A special program featuring an international selection of critically acclaimed arts documentaries and artists’ films.
Cracking the Frame focuses on the creative intersection between art and film through thought-provoking cinematic portraits of the life and work of established contemporary artists, photographers, filmmakers and global thinkers.
Each film is theatrically unreleased in The Netherlands and will be screened in English or with English subtitles.



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