“A delightfully immersive look at how a ballet is created.” – The New York Post


Wednesday 20 May, 19.30h, Rialto Amsterdam


Jody Lee Lipes
USA | 2014 | 75 min
Dutch premiere

An intimate vérité portrait offering a rare peek into the highly-guarded world of professional ballet.
From first rehearsal to world premiere, BALLET 422 takes us backstage at New York City Ballet, one of the world’s most important ballet companies in the world, and illuminates the process behind the creation of a modern dance piece.

When 25-year-old NYCB dancer Justin Peck begins to emerge as a promising young choreographer, he is commissioned to create a new ballet for the company’s winter season, the 422nd ballet in the history of NYCB.
With unprecedented access to the company, the film follows Peck as he collaborates with musicians, lighting designers, costume designers and his fellow dancers, working under growing pressure to create his ballet Paz de la Jolla on time.

BALLET 422 will be introduced by Peter Leung, creative director and choreographer of House of Makers alongside dancer Wendeline Wijkstra, both of who are currently working for The Dutch National Ballet.

Best Documentary Nomination – Tribeca 2014 and Seattle International Film Festival 2014

“BALLET 422 is more visually sumptuous than most narratives you’re likely to see this year, featuring careful compositions that make watching the film an aesthetic experience as much as an intellectual one.” – The Village Voice

Cracking the Frame

A monthly program featuring an international selection of critically acclaimed arts documentaries and artists’ films.
Cracking the Frame focuses on the creative intersection between art and film through thought-provoking cinematic portraits of the life and work of established contemporary artists, photographers, filmmakers and global thinkers.
Each film is theatrically unreleased in The Netherlands and will be screened in English or with English subtitles.

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