“I danced inside of me. I danced with my eyes closed, and I kept working for something. Something that was born inside of me that could not die.” – Alicia Alonso


Wednesday 13 April, 19:30 at Rialto Amsterdam
Eileen Hofer | Switzerland | 2015 | 70 min

Alicia Alonso’s splendor still radiates throughout the world of ballet today. A star so brilliant, she has captivated audiences worldwide and inspired generations of compatriots. Even now at the age of ninety and nearly blind, she continues to encourage the dreams of young dancers who seek to follow in her footsteps.
Amanda, a young and aspiring ballet dancer, has dedicated all her efforts into preparing for her exam, the first step towards being accepted into Alicia Alonso’s ballet company.
Viengsay is one of four celebrated dancers of the National Ballet of Cuba. She has already achieved the status young Amanda dreams of one day attaining, and day after day she continues to evolve under the watchful eye of Alicia Alonso
In Cuba classical dance is not “just” a noble discipline, but also and above all the embodiment of the harmony that can come out of precision, bordering on perfection. In the backdrop of the legendary Gran Teatro de La Habana, filmmaker Eileen Hofer paints the delicate portrait of three ballet dancers at various stages of their careers as they strive to emerge and keep the tradition of Cuban classical dance alive.

— Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and New Horizons International Film Festival Best Documentary nominee. —

“A free-flowing and hypnotic experience.” – Variety
“A strong sense of longing pervades this lovely film. The reality is that these three women — the legend, the star, the student — all have a tenuous hold on their art form. Each is facing the possible end of a dream. But if there is some denial at work — particularly on Alonso’s part — their perseverance comes across as a poetic act in itself.” – The Washington Post
“Instead of asking these women what their motivations are directly, Eileen Hofer prefers to let their gestures speak, an invisible but powerful form of subtitles, which say that which is rather not or cannot be expressed with words.” – Cineuropa

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