After a successful first ‘expanded edition’ in May and the usual summer break, Cracking the Frame returns with the first screening of its sixth edition. As always, we open at Rialto in Amsterdam with the premiere of an international art documentary. The film will be screened next month at cinemas Natlab Eindhoven (09/10), Filmfocus Arnhem (26/10), Lantaren Venster Rotterdam (27/10) and Filmtheater Hilversum (31/10). More dates will follow.


Marcie Begleiter | USA | 2016 | 105 min

Eva Hesse (1936-1970) is one of America’s foremost post-war artists. Her pioneering sculptures, using latex, fiberglass, and plastics, helped establish the post-minimalist art movement. Dying of a brain tumor at age 34, she had a mere decade-long career that, despite its brevity, is dense with complex, intriguing works that defy easy categorization. When she died in the spring of 1970 the life of one of the 60s most brilliant artists and of one of the few women recognized as central to that decade’s art scene was tragically cut short.
EVA HESSE, the first documentary dedicated to Hesse’s life and work, makes use of the artist’s voluminous journals, her correspondence with close friend and mentor Sol LeWitt, and contemporary as well as archival interviews with fellow artists (among them, Richard Serra, Robert Mangold and Dan Graham) who recall her passionate, courageous and ambitious personality. Begleiter’s film narrates the inspiring story of a profoundly talented and tenacious artist whose career ended in both tragedy and triumph.

“An indispensable aid to understanding and appreciating a fascinating artist.” – The New York Times’ Critics Pic
“Insightful and illuminating… Marcie Begleiter’s intimate documentary serves as a valuable primer about Hesse’s life and artistic legacy.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Cracking the Frame

A monthly program featuring an international selection of theatrically unreleased, critically acclaimed arts documentaries.
Cracking the Frame focuses on the creative intersection between art and film through thought-provoking cinematic portraits of the life and work of established contemporary artists, photographers, filmmakers and global thinkers.

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