Two CineSonic shows at IDFA 2016!

Two brand-new CineSonic shows will have their international premiere at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, the leading documentary film festival worldwide! These two shows are part of IDFA 2017’s special focus The Quiet Eye, a thematic program dedicated to documentary films that, although thematically and aesthetically diverse, share a contemplative gaze towards their own subjects.
For Mikael Kristersson’s film LIGHT YEAR CineSonic commissioned a new score to the renowned German electronic composers Robert Lippok and Barbara Morgenstern. Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor composed the original soundtrack of Antoine Boutet’s SUD EAU NORD DEPLACER. For this special event a new cut of the film will be presented, accompanied by a new soundtrack by Kyriakides and Moor, based on their original compositions.
Both film concerts will take place on the 27th of November at Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. 


Mikael Kristersson
Sweden | 2008 | 101 min

Swedish director Mikael Kristersson explores the beauty and the complexity of the natural world that surrounds us by turning the camera towards his own garden in Falsterbo, an old village in the south of Sweden. Without any external narration, ‘Light Year’ shows a year in the life of the birds, insects and human beings that share the garden.
LIGHT YEAR was nominated as Best Scandinavian Documentary for the 2009 Nordic Council’s Film Prize.

Robert Lippok
Robert Lippok is a Berlin-based musician and visual artist. Together with his brother Ronald and with Stefan Schneider, he is the co-founder of the influential German electronic Krautrock group ‘To Rococo Rot’. As a solo artist and through various collaborations Lippok released various albums in a career spanning for nearly twenty years, with his latest (‘Redsuperstructure’) released by Raster Noton. As a solo composer Lippok’s music ranges from ambient to IDM and experimental techno.

Barbara Morgenstern
Barbara Morgenstern is an electronic musician based in Berlin. One of the primary artists of Gudrun Gut’s label Monika Enterprise, she has released several albums under her own name and collaborated with artists such as Robert Wyatt and Hauschka. Often solely accompanied by piano, drum machines and sound effects, Morgenstern composes intimate synth-pop songs, often marked by her own vocals.


Antoine Boutet
France | 2013

The Nan Shui Bei Diao – “North South Water Transfer” – is the world’s largest water transfer project, stretching between southern and northern China. The project is meant to bring water from the florid South to the arid lands of the Chinese Northern territories. ‘Sud Eau Nord Déplacer’ follows the construction of the immense concrete waterways designed to flood desert regions and remake entire ecosystems.
SUD EAU NORD DEPLACER was nominated for a Golden Leopard at the prestigious 2014 Locarno Film Festival.

Andy Moor
Andy Moor began his artistic career in Scotland, as guitarist for the punk band ‘Dog Faced Hermans’. In 1990 he moved to the Netherlands after an invitation to join the legendary Dutch independent post-punk band ‘The Ex’, with which he recorded nearly twenty albums. A gifted guitar player with a rare talent for improvisation, Moor is part of various rock and experimental ensembles (‘Heretics’, ‘Lean Left’, ‘Decade’…) and composed soundtracks for films by Iranian filmmaker Bani Khoshnoudi and US filmmaker Jem Cohen.

Yannis Kyriakides
Yannis Kyriakides is an award-winning composer of contemporary classical music and sound artist. His music explores new forms and hybrids of media and his work has been performed worldwide at many of the prominent music festivals, and by many leading contemporary music ensembles.

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