KinoKonzert program launch


After months of work behind closed curtains, it is finally time to announce this!

KinoKonzert, the new film concert program that I am curating in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute Australien, has been launched!

The series takes place bi-monthly at Event Cinemas in Sydney and ACMI in Melbourne and it is also shared with some of the best music and film festivals in the country, such as Dark Mofo in Hobart and Revelation Film Festival in Perth. From September onwards the program will also be hosted by the NFSA in Camberra.

We open the program with the international premiere of CROSSROADS, a contemporary silent film directed by Berlin indie icons Alexander Hacke and Danielle De Picciotto.

The program continues in September with the premiere of electronic music producer, composer and DJ Chiara Kickdrum‘s new original score for Carl Theodor Dreyer’s landmark horror film VAMPYR.

Full calendar here:

KinoKonzert 01: Crossroads:

14 June 2018: Hobart, Dark Mofo Festival
06 July 2018: Perth, Revelation Film Festival
11 July 2018: Melbourne, ACMI
14 July 2018: Sydney, Event Cinemas George Street

KinoKonzert 02: Vampyr:

21 Sep 2018: Melbourne, ACMI
26 Sep 2018: Sydney, Event Cinemas George Street
28 Sep 2018: Canberra, NFSA

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