I am a professional film programmer and multimedia curator based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Since 2006, I have been working as curator and producer of film programs and multimedia events for some of the most important multidisciplinary festivals, cinemas, cultural venues, art institutions and musea in The Netherlands and abroad.

In 2011 I founded Cracking the Frame, the only regular program dedicated to art documentaries in The Netherlands and I am the artistic director of the multidisciplinary art platform Cracking the Frame Presents.

I am among the founders and the program coordinator of l’Échappée Belle, a newly established French cinémathèque based in Amsterdam and the co-founder of Plein les Yeux, the only French and Francophone film festival in The Netherlands.

In 2007, I co-founded the live cinema project |Cine|Sonic|, a multimedia platform aimed at presenting silent and experimental films and videoart compositions with new electro-acoustic scores, with shows presented at IDFA, Lowlands festival, 5 Days Off, EYE Film Institute, Imagine Film Festival, Transylvania International Film Festival and may more.

From 2008 to end 2010 I was Head of Cinema for SMART Project Space (now LAB111) in Amsterdam, developing, managing and programming its two independent cinemas.

Since 2011 I worked as freelance programmer for a number of Amsterdam cinemas (EYE Film Institute, Rialto, De Balie, Uitkijk, Ketelhuis, Filmhallen, Melkweg) and film festivals (IDFA, Imagine Film Festival, Noordelijk Film Festival..) and from January 2013 to June 2014 I was in charge of special film programs at Natlab/Plaza Futura in Eindhoven.

Next to my work as artistic director and programmer,  I have recently started working as independent film producer, with current projects in The Netherlands, Australia and Japan. My first international co-production was Daisuke Miyazaki’s film ‘Yamato (California)’, which had its World Premiere at the Festival Du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal in October 2016.

Email: cpazzaglia@gmail.com

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