“Rather than being a film about an artist, it’s an attempt to show us what it’s like to actually be an artist.” – LA Times


Laura Israel | Canada | 2015 | 82 min

The groundbreaking photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank documented the Beats, Welsh coal miners, Peruvian Indians, The Rolling Stones and London bankers, and while doing so revolutionized photography and independent film.
For over six decades, the iconoclastic director of Pull My Daisy and Cocksucker Blues and the author of The Americans has held his singular vision and earned widespread acclaim without forsaking his outsider status. At age 91, he continues producing photography books and videos, all imbued with a profoundly poetic, deeply introspective sensibility.
Frank is also notoriously media shy and unapproachable. His multi-layered life and work are largely inseparable and he has never felt ready to let someone tell his story until his close friend, and longtime film and video editor, Laura Israel decided to produce a documentary about his life and legacy.
The film follows Frank from his early years in Switzerland to his reluctance to embrace celebrity status in New York, and to his eventual quest for solitude in a remote corner of Nova Scotia after a series of personal tragedies.
DON’T BLINK offers audiences unprecedented access to Frank’s inner world and poetics and a revelatory insight into the intricacies of his work, while artfully revealing Robert Frank’s complex life story.

“Fans will be giddy with the unprecedented access to Frank—and his irrepressible irascibility, energy, and humor—this film offers. Those uninitiated into the cult of Robert Frank should be prepared for a wild and wonderful ride. “ – Full Frame
“Enthusiastic, excited, and earthy celebration of artistic creation and the life that makes it inevitable.” – Film Stage

Premiere screening on Wednesday 22 February 19:30h at Rialto Amsterdam with an introduction by award-winning film director Chris Teerink. Teerink (Sol Lewitt, Songs Along A Stony Road, In the Shadow of the Light and Mojave). More screenings will follow in various Dutch cities in March. 

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