“I think every time you do something, like a painting or whatever, you go with ideas and sometimes the past can conjure those ideas and color them, even if they’re new ideas, the past colors them.” – David Lynch


Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm | USA & Denmark | 2016 | 88 min

Through personal photos, home movies and his own paintings, the iconic cineaste David Lynch reveals his formative years, from his idyllic upbringing in small town America and his early fascination with the ‘art life’, to the dark streets of Philadelphia, where he first imagined “paintings that moved, with sound” and made his first short films combining animation and live action.

Painting in his studio or playing with his youngest daughter (to whom the film is dedicated), Lynch candidly retells personal stories from his past that unfold like scenes from his films and that shine a light into the dark corners of Lynch’s unique world.

Directed by a trio of Lynch’s collaborators (Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm), this intimate documentary portrait exposes the personal experiences that shaped one of cinema’s most enigmatic auteurs and reveals how art allowed him to find his place in the world and, at the same time, to create a world of his own.

“This cockeyed, oblique attempt to get closer to the worldview of David Lynch — one of American cinema’s finest oddities — is a compelling slice of cinephile inquiry.” –

Amsterdam premiere on Wednesday 24 May 19:30h at Rialto Amsterdam with an introduction by a special guest. Follow-up screenings will take place in selected Dutch cinemas in June.

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