A genuinely felt portrait of the artist as a dedicated survivor, ever in service to her vision of the world and fighting for her place in it. – LA Times


Heather Lenz
USA – 2018 – 76 min

Kusama – Infinity explores artist Yayoi Kusama’s journey from a conservative upbringing in Japan to her brush with fame in America during the 1960s (where she rivaled Andy Warhol for press attention) and concludes with the international fame she has finally achieved within the art world. Now in her 80s, Kusama has spent the last 30 years living in a mental institution in Japan.

Kusama – Infinity explores Kusama’s fierce determination to become a world-renowned artist. Kusama was born into a conservative family in rural Japan and she made her way to America on the heels of WWII. There, without connections and speaking only broken English, she devoted herself to her one true love, making art.

On her first day in New York, Kusama has stated that she climbed to the top of the Empire State Building, looked down upon the city below, and made a decision to stand out from everyone she saw below and become a star. She has received the Praemium Imperiale Laureate for lifetime achievement in painting, and was named the world’s ‘most popular artist’ and one of the ‘most expensive living female artist’ in 2014.

A sharp portrait of the trailblazing Japanese pop artist Yayoi Kusama – Little White Lies

Infinity is an essential watch in order to understand why Yayoi Kusama’s art matters, and how the person behind the dots is inspirational beyond the finite reach of our own individual universes. – Culture Whisperer

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|Cine|Sonic|: El Fog (Masayoshi Fujita) meets Thomas Mohr & Jacco Olivier

It has been a while but here we are again!

|Cine|Sonic| comes back to Goethe institute Amsterdam and proudly present a compilation of videos by renowned German and Dutch video artists Thomas Mohr and Jacco Olivier with a new original electro-acoustic soundtrack composed and performed live by El Fog / Masayoshi Fujita.

Friday 11 May at Goethe institute Amsterdam, 20.00h

EL FOG is a solo project of Masayoshi Fujita (originally from Japan and now Berlin based).
Masayoshi plays vibraphone, combining it with electronics and textured noises.
He has been influenced and inspired by electronic music, jazz, dub, hip hop, classical music and by the silence and deepness of the fog and the mountains, and the gravity within.

EL FOG released two albums: Reverberate Slowly (2007, Moteer, UK) and Rebuilding Vibes (2009, Flau, JP).
His latest release, Bird Lake Objects (2010, Faitiche, DE), saw him team-up with German electronic producer Jan Jelinek.

THOMAS MOHR is a media artist in whose work systems and processes also play a large role. He refers both to conceptual and abstract tendencies in modern art and to automated, computer-generated processes. In his recent work, he became fascinated by the increase of visual information through digital photography. He uses a personal photo archive containing more than 300,000 pictures taken since 1985, re-organizing them in series and patterns, synthesizing and filtering them and confronting them with conceptual and musical themes and compositions.

JACCO OLIVIER fuses painting and moving image to create short, intimate animations. Olivier’s works are, with few exceptions, almost exclusively small-scale single projections of concise narrative episodes that appear in a microcosmic world. He begins with an image that he paints over time and again with thick, seemingly casual brushstrokes. Each stage is photographed until the original degenerates and finally disappears all together. What remains is an animated history of the work that captures scraps of narrative and visual memory joined to form a moving picture.

Entrance: 5 euros

Presented in collaboration with NIMK, Netherlands Media Art Institute and Goethe Institute Amsterdam.

|Cine|Sonic| is sponsored by L’Ozio.

Established in 2007, |CINE|SONIC| is a project of Stichting Film en Media Festival Amsterdam that aims at combining silent feature films, experimental shorts and video-art compilations with cutting edge music producers.

|CINE|SONIC| presents a regular program of live screenings at Goethe Institute Amsterdam and has organised special events hosted by various film and music festivals (Lowlands, 5 Days Off, Rocket Cinema..) and venues in Amsterdam and Rotterdam (Paradiso, Melkweg, Rabozaal, EYE Film Insitute, NIMK, Lantaren Venster..).

The concept behind |CINE|SONIC| is to offer musicians and sound artists complete freedom to interact with shorts or feature films that were created with the presence of a leading musical element (silent films, experimental shorts, videoart compositions etc).

Each selected artist is given the opportunity to create a new sonic dimension for the selected film or video by combining live music with the screened visual content. Through these creative encounters new dynamics between audio and visual elements are explored and revealed.

Each |CINE|SONIC| event is unique and distinguishes itself from other live cinema events by an accentuation of the live performance aspect. The mix of film screening and live music adds a whole new dimension to the familiar practices of ‘watching a film’ and ‘listening to music’, creating an intriguing experience during which the audience can rediscover a number of everlasting film classics, discover the work of cutting edge musicians or simply experience cinema and live music as a whole.

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